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Service, maintenance, realization and reconstruction of roofs

We offer a complete service in the roofing and waterproofing fields; our expert technician will visit you and provide you with recommendations and solutions.

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PPBAU servis eu s.r.o. specialise in regular and complete flat roof maintenance, maintenance during the warranty period and post-warranty service. Roof maintenance and inspection staff have been in the waterproofing industry for many years and are therefore able to diagnose and analyse the biggest pitfalls, problems, errors or damage during each inspection.

An inspection, maintenance and restoration plan should be prepared for every roof. This plan should be defined in the instructions for use of the roof structure. Although it seems simple to clean and maintain the roof and you feel that you can do the maintenance and inspection yourself, it is preferable to contact a specialised company. Thanks to the sophisticated methodology and high-quality technical equipment, it ensures a quick and expert assessment of the roof condition, does all necessary works and is able to maintain the roof in a much better condition.

The roof structure’s durability and waterproofing materials depends on the quality of the initial realization of the roof cladding and the connection to the adjacent structures and the ending of waterproofing (penetrations, attics), additional changes in the roof cladding and regular expert maintenance.

Our construction activities are focused on the realization and reconstruction of public amenities and parts of industrial buildings. Since the very beginning, we have been carrying out orders to ensure customer satisfaction, with a professional approach and quality that enables them to contact us again in the future.

The philosophy of success and the achievement of the company’s long-term prosperity and development goals go hand in hand with the consistent monitoring of work quality and constant examination of customer needs and expectations.

We build long-term good relationships with our customers and suppliers and the cooperation with all our partners is smooth and as accommodating as possible.

Based on many years’ experience with our own high-quality and professional staff and in cooperation with long-term partners, we carry out the following activities, particularly:

Activities in construction (assembly and turnkey deliveries):

  • Roof structures (flat roofs)
  • Facade systems (composite and sandwich cladding, contact thermal insulation systems)
  • Waterproofing buildings (substructures, car parks, fire water reservoirs, ponds, etc.)
  • Roof skylights (strip, point, fixed, openable, etc.)
  • Tinsmithing structures (sheeting, drainpipes, gutters, etc.)

For all of the above professions, we offer:

  • consultation and advice, followed by designing the required structures;
  • cooperation in implementing the proposed solutions with the building’s general designer;
  • support by renowned experts in the field of buildings, roofs and waterproofing;
  • quality execution of all professions by professionally trained workers with many years’ experience.

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