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Realization and reconstruction of pitched roofs

We focus on pitched roofs

We can do turnkey installation and delivery of pitched roofs

  • We can dismantle existing roofing materials (composite, sheet metal, etc.) with subsequent removal and eco-friendly disposal
  • We can assemble load-bearing structures, carpentry trusses, nailed trusses, glued trusses, steel trusses.
  • Delivery and installation of thermal insulation made of polystyrene, mineral wool, PIR boards
  • Delivery and installation of discontinuous roofing
  • Delivery and installation of profiled sheet metal roofing
  • Installation of roof windows
  • Everything including the necessary tinsmithing elements – drainpipes, gutters, etc.

We offer:

  • Consultation and advice, followed by the design of the required structures
  • Cooperation in implementing the proposed solutions with the building’s general designer and private investor
  • Support by renowned experts in the field of buildings, roofs, waterproofing and facades
  • Quality execution of all professions by professionally trained workers with many years’ experience

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